Spatial Sound

Martin Stimming

'I’m neither afraid of showing my emotions nor to include them in my music'

Few people bring a truly original sound to house music. When it comes to longevity and leaving an indelible mark on the genre and the wider musical sphere, Hamburg’s Martin Stimming did just that from a relatively young age. “I want people to see me as an evolving artist, where you never know what exactly you get.”

Martin Stimming’s musical education and profound understanding of music theory developed early. By the age of 10 he was highly accomplished on the violin, piano and drums. His collaboration with the Hamburg-based label DIYnamic Music began in 2007, and after releasing several singles and EP’s, Stimming’s debut album ‘Reflections’ came out in 2009, followed by the intriguing ‘Liquorice’. His productions are filled with a multitude of his own unique, charismatic field recordings and rhythmic bricks, demonstrating a sophisticated yet accessible sound, rich in detail.