Spatial Sound

Marko Ciciliani

Marko Ciciliani is a composer, audiovisual artist and researcher based in Austria. The focus of his work lies in the combination of instruments and electronics, often in audiovisual contexts. Light- or laser designs are frequently an integral part of his compositions. More recently he also included live-video in his works, by making the manipulation of images part of an extended instrument design. The artistic combination of sound and light was also the topic of his PhD research that he completed at Brunel University London in 2010.

It is characteristic of Ciciliani’s compositions that sound is not only understood as abstract material but as a culturally shaped idiom. The exploration of a sound’s communicative potential is as much in the foreground of his work as its objective sonic quality. His work is characterized by a conceptual approach in which aspects of classical composition, sound- and media-studies play tightly together. The different “genres” in which Ciciliani’s music can be heard and seen, are reflecting his manifold artistic activities. His music has been performed in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia, Oceania and the Americas.

In 2005 Ciciliani founded the group Bakin Zub, an ensemble comprising a small group of distinguished musicians with a focus on the use of technology. In the work for Bakin Zub Ciciliani places an emphasis on the combination of instrumental writing, live-electronics and light, laser or video designs.

In 2009 Marko Ciciliani was recipient of the prestigious Villa Aurora Stipend, a three-month artists residency in Los Angeles. Also in 2009 he was composer-in-residence of the 14th Composers Forum in Mittersill/Austria. He received numerous project-residencies at STEIM, ESS, ICST and ZKM.

In 2015 Ciciliani he was granted  funding for a 3 year artistic research project, titled "GAPPP – Gamified Audiovisual Performance and Performance Practice", an investigation of  elements from computer games in audiovisual applications of computer music