Spatial Sound

Maarten Vos

Maarten Vos is a classically trained cellist and studied Bachelor Classics and Master Live Electronics at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. He is currently working with his own work as a solo artist, composer and producer on the cutting edge of contemporary classical music and electronic experiment. With his old cello as basis, electronics play an important role, with the aim of merging two disciplines into a unique whole with an innovative result. Organic sounds are central to his work, as he combines modular synthesizers and other electronic techniques which enrich and manipulate the old sound of his cello.His music can be defined as dreamy landscapes with an experimental touch. He came into contact with music from a very young age as he started playing cello at the age of five.

Vos has played at various festivals such as Le Guess Who ?, Rewire, Motel Mozaïque, Pitch,Eurosonic, Into the Great Wide Open and Cross Linx.

In addition to his solo work, Maarten has collaborated in many disciplines; music, dance and film. He forms a duo with British multi-instrumentalist Greg Haines and worked with, among others, Colin Benders (Kyteman), Julianna Barwick, Deadbeat, Tim Exile and Asko | Schönberg ensemble.

Maarten is currently working from his studio in Kytopia in Utrecht.