Spatial Sound


Under the name M.E.S.H., American-born, Berlin-based producer James Whipple produces hard-edged club music that pushes the jagged beats of grime into the realm of abstract sound design. Originally based in Southern California and previously known by the moniker Ghosthunt, Whipple moved to Berlin after he graduated college, and eventually started an eclectic club night called Janus along with similarly minded producer Lotic. His initial releases as M.E.S.H. combined the jagged beats of U.K. grime and garage with dubby textures and a sense of meticulous sound design common to IDM producers such as Autechre, resulting in a sound and aesthetic occasionally referred to as “post-Internet.”

M.E.S.H.'s first release was the 2012 EP Share the Blame on Dyssembler, which featured a remix by Teengirl Fantasy. M.E.S.H. traded remixes with Fatima Al Qadiri and Arca and released several well-received mixes, and was signed to Bill Kouligas' Pan label in 2014. His first release on the label was the critically acclaimed Scythians EP, which was followed by an EP of remixes. The year 2015 saw the release of digital single "Infra-Dusk"/"Infra-Dawn" on Renaissance Man's Black Ocean label, as well as M.E.S.H.'s full-length debut, Piteous Gate, which was less club-friendly than his prior releases, instead creating punishing, bombastic soundscapes . An EP titled Damaged Merc followed in 2016, and second full-length Hesaitix appeared in 2017.

The US sound artist, whose acclaimed album 'Piteous Gate' on PAN forged ahead into unpredictable, theatrical soundscapes, performed at 4DSOUND: Points on the Curve at GLOBALE ZKM.