Spatial Sound

Lisa Greenaway

Lisa Greenaway has been working with poetry and spoken word, music and audio arts for over two decades as a sound artist, spoken word artist, producer and broadcaster. Trained as a specialist audio arts engineer at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and with a background of spoken word performance, creative radio production and theatre sound design, Lisa combines technical finesse with an intuitive ear for the rhythm and melody in everyday sounds, spatial awareness and the construction of atmosphere, weaving compelling stories with voice, music and field recordings. Lisa's work ranges from radio artworks, spoken word and music tracks, and DJ sets to spatial sound installation works and poetry film, in collaboration with artists and writers in many fields both in Australia and globally.

Lisa’s two decades of work with spoken word and oral storytelling infuses her compositions with a distinctive, subtle narrative understanding. As a student of languages and linguistics (currently studying for Master of Applied Linguistics at University of Melbourne) Lisa’s ongoing research into the global phenomenon of oral storytelling – its origins and modern incarnations – informs all of her work. Complimentary research into philosophies of deep listening and sound meditation also enriches Lisa’s soundscape creation and desire to develop truly immersive listening experiences. Recent installations include the Women of the World (WOW) festival's Women, Art & Politics residency, White Night Melbourne 2016 (IDEATION) and White Night Melbourne 2017 (The Night Garden and The Seadragon's Lair). Poetry film: The Night Garden (Nick Azidis, 2017); Nailing Remembrance (Jutta Pryor, 2018).

Lisa also works as DJ LAPKAT in Australia and Europe, mixing global rhythm and melody, multilingual poetry and story, collaborating with poets on spoken word, music and soundscape tracks for release. Tracks include Advance Australia Fair (Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa), Nailing Remembrance (Farkhonda Akbar Tufaan) and Water for the Spirits (remixing the recordings of the Women of the Great River project, Zimbabwe/Berlin). LAPKAT has performed across Australia and in Berlin, Paris, Athens and Ibiza. LAPKAT presents the monthly podcast La Danza Poetica for Groovalizacion Radio (Europe) and Chimeres (Greece).