Spatial Sound

Lenke Szilágyi

Lenke Szilágyi is a photographer born in Debrecen,  Hungary. She completed a degree on Arts and Crafts Vocational Sixth Form College, in 1980, with an A-level in photography and she has been making a living as a theatre and film stills photographer since 1985. Throughout her career she has worked in more than 25 Hungarian films.

On 1990 she became the staff photographer of "Beszélő", the former famous samizdat political magazine. Lenke is also a photo artist, working in the genre of subjective documentarism. She takes pictures of her personal experiences enhancing a day-to-day style, making series out of loosely connecting themes that she shares using the exhibition format, which for her builds up the binding force between the images she creates. (Pictures of these Days, Sunday Pictures, Gloomy Males, This Summer).

On 2018 she worked together with Csaba Hajnóczy<link bio page> on the piece From Sea to the River to the Sea (2018) for the 4DSOUND system, at Spatial Sound Institute Budapest. Lenke followed Csaba’s research and collaborated in the project creating the visual projections for the sound piece portraying both the atmospheres and the stories behind the sonic narratives they had both encountered some years ago in the early stages of the project in Palestine territories.