Spatial Sound


Lambert is a pianist and composer from Hamburg, Germany who always performs wearing a Sardinian mask. He composed the music for the 2015 film Hedi Schneider Is Stuck. Berlin based, Lambert is an artist with depth and soul creating something utterly magical with his music. Touching on classical ideals and reworking tracks from a number of musical greats, he proves to create something new whilst still holding a connection to the song.

A visual world is extremely important for Lambert and his work with a sense of animosity he is able to have a little more control over the way in which people engage with his music. “I came to the conclusion that it was necessary to hide my face and a big part of my personality as well because the face and biographical details are usually used as a campaign to promote the music,” says Lambert. Describing his sound as piano music Lambert does not like to be categorised as his music stems from a number of influences. Although he grew up on classical and jazz piano, Lambert’s style correlates with his love for folk and pop music.