Spatial Sound

Koenraad Ecker

Koenraad Ecker is a sound sculptor, born in the small town of Bruges, Belgium, currently living in London. He is fascinated by the tactility of sound, the imaginary spaces created by music, the paradoxical qualities of silence and the narrative possibilities of editing. Thus far he has released 3 solo recordings: Ill Fares the Land (Digitalis 2014), Sleepwalkers in a Cold Circus (LINE 2015) and most recently a short EP called Notes from the Panopticon (Ecology Tapes 2015). He is part of two long-running duo projects: Lumisokea (releases on Opal Tapes, Eat Concrete and Alter) and Stray Dogs.

As a composer and performer he has worked on commissions for contemporary dance (for the Göteborgs Danskompani in Sweden, for Ina Christel Johannessen in Norway, for Stephan Laks at Springboard Montréal), for theatre (Jose Besprosvany/Théâtre du Parc Brussels and Walpurgis music theatre company) and A/V installations with Yannick Jacquet, a Swiss visual artist and co-founder of the AntiVJ visual label.