Spatial Sound

J.G. Biberkopf

J.G. Biberkopf works within the paradoxical relationship between club music and art music. Assembling a collage spanning a vast range of influences from dark ecology, sound studies, architecture, media theory, existentialist movements, postdramatic theatre, grime, musique concrète and more.

His first EP, titled Ecologies, launched by the new Knives label created by Kuedo and Joe Shakespeare of Berlin's Motto Books. From cyber ambience and slamming rhythmic constructions, to instant trails of web-filtered grime and beatless studies of net phenomenology, Biberkopf's first release was intended as a field trip into the representations of nature that emerge from the (social) media scape. From this follows his debut album called Ecologies II: Ecosystems of Excess released in November 2016.

The chosen title of the trilogy reflects more broadly Biberkopf’s overall musical practice, namely the urge to make music sound as a “self-sufficient” ecology that cannot be traced back to him as a creator, but that rather seems to originate from an actual landscape. In this vein, he works intensively with aural signifiers, taking sounds that are eminent in public sphere, and noises that work as signs or memes, to explore the semiotics of sound.

JGB is an alter-ego of Gediminas Žygus, whose past works and collaborations were exhibited, performed in Berghain (Berlin), Pompidou (Paris), Barbican (London), Paradiso (Amsterdam), The Kitchen (NYC), CAC, Rupert (Vilnius), etc. Gediminas was part of the co-ordinating team of Newman Festival 2015, and is part of the coordinating team of Unthinkable Nomos. JGB's worked with 4DSOUND featured at ADE 2016 as a dedicated spatial sound installation for RedBull Playrooms and was part of the exhibition Ecologies of Listening presented at the Spatial Sound Institute (Budapest).