Spatial Sound

Isolation (2015)

Frank Bretschneider

In 2014, Frank Bretschneider joined 4DSOUND as Artist-in-Residence for the ADE Sound Academy. He developed a system for spatial improvisation with recorded source material he created on the Bukla and Serge analogue modular systems during his residency at EMS in Stockholm. Establishing a responsivity between frequency, amplitude and spatiality of sound, Bretschneider explored the spatial continuum with minimalistic interwoven rhythmic structures, subtly reminiscing the early days of experimental electronic music.

Isolation undertook an auditive journey along the narrow edges between the inner and outer acoustic world. The work attempted to explore and interpret the impact of longtime sensory deprivation and how that kind of environment changed the auditory perception of prisoners as well as such effects as perceptual disorders and tinnitus. At times seemingly suspended in mid air and at other points jarring, Isolation migrated through unnerving sonic headspaces shaping an unexpected and unsettling exploration into sensorial space.