Spatial Sound

Ia Rigby

Having no idea what to do after graduating high school, Ia chose to pursue BA as the most suitable option at the university she liked. After moving to another country for her mid-studies while working remotely with social media and digital content creation, she missed having free time to learn coding and felt she had genuine interest towards it, so decided to start studying once again, this time Computer Science. She thinks it was the best decision of her life and after earning the degree, has been eager to explore all the different areas that the knowledge is applicable to.

Soon after moving there to study she discovered 4DSOUND and the Spatial Sound Institute when browsing electronic music events in Budapest. Throughout the 4 years of living there, she visited the venue several times and was always fascinated by its capabilities and energy, wondering what it would be like to control the engine, from technical and musical aspects. She joined the team as an intern and was quickly able to participate in fascinating projects related to expanding the engine. Currently Ia works as a creative programmer intern as part of the Spatial Sound Institute’s team.