Spatial Sound

Flóra Titkos

Flóra Titkos has creatively grown by combining different fields of the music industry. Being involved in Budapest’s debut WOMEX (World Music Expo), she experienced her first contact with this field. Later, purposeful studies led her to a deeper insight in music management as she studied at Zeneipari Hivatal. Parallely she became involved in Zengető, an art festival defined by its mission of spreading the word of hemp and its versatile uses. Currently, there she develops and builds ideas for installations constructed using the plant itself, and she is part of Zengető’s eclectic music stage coordination team. Flóra is also a crew member of the Dragon Nest stage in O.Z.O.R.A, a psychedelic tribal gathering and arts festival in Hungary, as well as a collaborator involved in the techno scene, participating in both collective and intimate projects with TOTIM Records.

Being deeply interested in sound, she also uses the potential of everyday objects to explore percussion and noise production, along with the traditional instrument of the jew’s harp, which she performs at Willany Leó improvisational dance and music theatre in collaboration with musicians of all kinds. “Improvisation holds an opportunity to observe the beauty of the factor of chance and some essential and healthy level of entropy. It’s like finding aesthetics in asymmetry. Just as it appears in nature with various patterns of sounds and visuals, yet still full of purpose and accuracy, communicating to us in symbiotic spaces, perceptions through our senses.” Flóra is currently part of the management team at the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest.