Spatial Sound

Fedde ten Berge

Fedde ten Berge obtained the Bachelor with Honors and Master of Arts diplomas from the Art & Technology course at the Utrecht School of the Arts. In 2009 he obtained a Master of Music degree at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, where he studied electronic music composition with Kees Tazelaar.

His specific interest goes to the spatial projection of self-designed sound that finds its way out through a special loudspeaker arrangement. Interactivity with the public often plays a major role in his exhibition work. He specializes in sound synthesis based on the application of self-designed algorithms, which he uses within his musical compositions and installations. He often collaborates with other artists and musicians, but also performs solo performances of his compositions and installations. He received several grants from the Fund for the Performing Arts and the AFK and over the years he has developed compositions for diverse contexts, such as exhibitions, academic events, theater, design projects, festivals and advertising for companies.