Spatial Sound

Constanza Bizraelli

Constanza Bizraelli is a Peruvian electronic music composer and producer, sound artist and theorist, currently based in Amsterdam. She directs and edits the open- access academic journal Cyclops, a publication dedicated to contemporary and
experimental theory.

Her debut album Marginal Virgin was released in 2016 through the British label Opal Tapes. This release was followed by the EP titled Flesh Luminescence released in 2020 by the US label Club Chai. In addition to these two releases, Constanza has
released several singles on compilations, such as the track Black Jungle for Geometrist, released by Opal Tapes on the compilation V/A Contemporary Dance in 2017, the track Whitechapel after Midnight released on the compilation Simoon by
the British label Seagrave in 2016, the track The X of the Jungle released in the compilation Ritmos para Sanar through the Peruvian initiative Behua Ikara in 2021, the track Les Jungles Occultes included in the compilation Anthology of
Experimental Music From Peru through the Italian label Unexplained Sounds Group, among others. In addition to these works, there are other unreleased works such as Into the Wilderness (London, 2015) and Piece for a Ritual Beheading (London,

Her music producer pseudonym is CAO. The name Cao comes from the archaeological site of the Cao pyramids in Peru, one of the homes of the ancient Moche civilization. Elements from ancient Peruvian cultures and cosmologies have deeply influenced Constanza Bizraelli's sound, in particular; their conception of the sacred, their cosmologies, ritualistic practices and sacrificial economies. In 2016, Constanza began a residency at NTS radio, where she hosted the monthly show Subterranean Odyssey for two years. At the end of 2016, Constanza was selected to participate in the Red Bull Music Academy.

In 2018, Constanza launched a collaboration with visual artist Michael Tan commissioned by Institute for Sound and Music in Berlin. In anticipation of the production of the audiovisual piece entitled "The Burial Theme: Trans-matter port & Objects", Constanza held a sound spatialization residency at the ZKM (Center for Art and Media) in Karlsruhe (Germany). The work was presented in an installation consisting of 55 speakers and six screens and premiered at the Martin Groupius-Bau museum in Berlin, with other artists such as Brian Eno, Thom Yorke, among others participating in the exhibition. In 2019, this work that was part of the Hexadome exhibition, toured North America and was exhibited at the Gray Area Festival in San Francisco, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Montreal as part of the Mutek Montreal festival program and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Massachusetts. In 2021, "The Burial Theme: Trans-Matter Port and Objects" was released on vinyl in a limited edition by the Institute for Sound and Music. Constanza has been included in Remezcla's top 10 most promising electronic artists of 2016 and her work has been exhibited at numerous festivals and exhibitions in Europe, North and South America, such as Sonar Reykjavik (Iceland), Rewire Festival (NL), Berghain (DE), Tate Modern (UK), Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (US), Mutek Montreal (CA), Museum of Contemporary Art Montreal (CA), Martin Groupius-Bau Museum (DE), Fonoteca Nacional de Ciudad de México (MEX), Grey Area Festival (US), Dekmantel Festival (NL), Folkestone Fringe (UK), Fiber Festival (NL) and others.