Spatial Sound

Cecilia Nercasseau Gibson

Cecilia Nercasseau Gibson is a multidisciplinary artist and musician. She was born in Chile in 1987 where she studied architecture. As an architect, she was deeply intrigued by the research of human perception and communication in relation to spaces, body and sound and this interest led her to move closer to sound art and urban installations. In 2014, she exhibited her first big urban installation called “Fonópticos” at the Festival of Arts in Valparaíso. In 2015 she moved to Berlin, where she developed some art projects like “Albedo”, “Sonar Fossil” and this pushed her to expand her ideas like “Fonotrópicos” and “Hyperbole Station” at the two IFAC editions in Spain and Portugal, respectively.

 Granted by DAAD, she finished a Master of Arts on Stage Design and Exhibition Spaces (Bühnenbild und Szenischer Raum) at the Technical University in Berlin in 2020, where she developed different projects related to sound and perception in the context of theatre and exhibitions. Her Master’s project is named “Silence” —  an urban sound installation in which she exhibited silence in three different approaches. This Project is funded by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage in Chile and is part of her artist-in-residence project being developed in 2021 at the Spatial Sound Institute. 

She is presently working as a freelance visual and sound artist in a variety of settings, including theatre, dance, film, and developing her own personal research/projects alongside her music practice with the band Badecima.