Spatial Sound

Casimir Geelhoed

Casimir Geelhoed is a composer, producer and creative coder. After education at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and Utrecht School of Arts, he came to surface with his dark experimental post-club project HOEK, releasing two EP's on Fog Mountain and playing at renowned festivals such as Rewire, Incubate and Le Guess Who?. Geelhoed uses both his musical and technical abilities to create powerful and meaningful music, valuing heartfelt emotions over technical perfection.

In 2015 Geelhoed joined 4DSOUND's development team as a junior developer before becoming part of the technical staff of the Spatial Sound Institute from 2016 and currently he continues his work as a member of the developer team at 4DSOUND. Besides, he has been designing his own tools to generate meaningful and evocative movements of elements in space. For his artistic performances in 4DSOUND he wrote software to control the behaviour of sound sources in the space, mimicking the working of an ecosystem.