Spatial Sound

Andrée Burelli

Andrée Burelli is an artist based in Berlin and Sardinia. She is an electronic music composer who has worked under a different alias for a few years and who more recently has started to release her music under her legal name. She is an educated instrumentalist, whose practice focuses on sound synthesis and electroacoustics. She holds two master degrees in Fine Arts from the Universities of Granada and Basque Country, respectively. Her practice as a violinist influences her aesthetic in music. Burelli has released as Bodyverse numerous LP on physical format through Lontano Series, Rohs! Records and her own Sunrise Ruby Records, garnering positive reviews from Bandcamp Daily and Groove Magazine. Her most recent work as Andrée Burelli consists of a series of self released works that include audiovisual creations. She has recently won the artistic residency Amplify Berlin, a Creative Development Program through which she’s being mentored by James Young, one half of duo Darkstar (Warp Records). Her upcoming LP on vinyl will be released on American Dreams Records in late 2020. She has played live and radio shows in Italy and Germany.