Spatial Sound

Alifiyah Imani

Alifiyah Imani is an interdisciplinary arts & media practitioner and writer. Combining multimedia arts and design with a focus on sound, curatorial research and practice, she enquires into our relationship with space, the workings of our cultures and auditory subcultures. Her writings in the field of sound and music culture employ sensory ethnographic methods with critical and conceptually-led conversations often positioning herself and others as living characters within the communities she has documented. Her educational training in media arts and design is an exploratory engagement of technology-related transformation processes for perception and knowledge production.

Imani has a Bachelor’s degree in Design. From 2017-2019, she participated in an intensive Joint Masters mobility program in three partner European universities and completed a Master of Arts Degree in Media Arts Cultures with her thesis specialization track in sound art studies. 

She has worked on international projects in Copenhagen, London, Budapest, Berlin and Pakistan. Imani collaborates with the Spatial Sound Institute on programming, curatorial research, library outreach and writing publications of their artist residency projects.


Beyond Language: Attuning to Different Ways of Learning and Being (2021) [PUBLICATIONS]