Spatial Sound

ANIMA (2017)

Nick Verstand, Salvador Breed

ANIMA is an audiovisual Installation by Nick Verstand, premiered at the Design Academy in Shenzen, China.

The 4DSOUND software was used by sound designer Salvador Breed to develop a spatial sound composition based on meditations on the five transitory phases of the ‘Wu Xing’ system, deriving from Chinese philosophy. This scheme links inner emotional experiences to five transitory phases in nature: Wood, Earth, Water, Fire, and Metal.The five phases are represented by algorithmically generated fluid visual projections across the surface of the sphere. The spherical imagery, which emanates from within the object, is achieved by use of a single projector coupled with a hemispherical lens. The visual representation is accompanied by a spatial sound composition constructed from recordings of corresponding elements in nature.

ANIMA researches how we materialise our inner emotional experience into an external physical form that is perceivable to the senses. The work investigates how this new perspective can shift one's perception of our respective inner worlds. Can one's interaction with a constructed symbolic object work to develop a deeper understanding of our inner being?