Spatial Sound

Giving Space: Soundworks x Spatial Sound Institute 

Conversation with Paul Oomen, Daniela Gentile and Edo Van Breemen


May 2022

Soundworks x Spatial Sound Institute

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Soundworks, an app for meditation practices,  partners with the Spatial Sound Institute (SSI) to explore ways to elevate the role of listening in society and revitalize our wellbeing by changing the way we hear the world.

For their sixth episode Soundworks spoke with Paul Oomen, Daniela Gentile, and Edo van Breemen.

Paul is a sound researcher, composer, curator, inventor, and writer. He founded 4DSOUND, the Spatial Sound Institute, and the Works. He has produced and curated over a hundred spatial sound performances, installations, and exhibitions worldwide, in collaboration with numerous internationally acclaimed artists, festivals, and institutions.

Daniela is a multimedia artist with a keen interest in sound activism - or the political dimension of sound. She is now a research assistant at the Works. Edo is a film score composer, studio producer, and label owner. He developed and currently curates the Lobe space in Vancouver, the first 4DSOUND studio in North America.

With Paul, Soundworks we discuss his ideas about the fundamental importance of listening, his interest in technology as a means of reproducing and manipulating phenomena, the genesis of 4DSOUND, the foundation of the Spatial Sound Institute, artist interventions that have in his opinion pushed the medium of spatial sound in new directions, and the research initiatives he is spearheading at the Works.

In the following conversation with Daniela and Edo, we discuss the origins of their interest in spatial sound, their experience working with the 4DSOUND studio, their creative process around the pieces we are presenting in Soundworks, and, more.